Friday, April 30, 2010


Happy birthday to Johnny Farina of Santo & Johnny who is 69 today!

Though most famous for their melodic steel guitar line on their hit "Sleep Walk", as well as on their somewhat sound-alike follow-ups, these two brothers created a stunning body of work. They later went on to add their voice to easy listening style instrumental renditions of popular songs of the day including a whole LP of Beatles covers, popular soundtrack songs of the day, old standards a la Stu Phillips and the Hollywood Strings but on a smaller, more intimate and often melancholic bummed out way. Johnny and Santo both still play though they have each stepped out on their own.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

LINK OF THE DAY! 4-20-10

WOW, the Home of LITTLE GEMS dedicated to the Little Gems of children's television programs that have long faded into memory. These and other classics may no longer be seen on our television screens but will bring back vivid memories of those lazy days of the summer school holidays or open your mind to a whole world of stuff you had no idea ever existed. Some have mp3s of the opening theme music, too. So great! Don't Miss Chockablock, the Spooks of Bottle Bay, and Cloppa Castle.... really don't miss any. (Thanks to Ann-Marie for the link!)

Monday, April 19, 2010


Come on... I love the bass and all but come on! I love bowing notes. I love crazy instruments and the nut cases that make them. But come on! This bass is the equivalent of musical ExLax... plain and simple. (Thanks to Max for the link!!)