Wednesday, September 23, 2009

EBAY OF THE DAY! 9-23-09

Here you have about the cleanest Clavioline I have ever seen. Either this thing has lived the past 50 years in a zip lock baggy untouched in the back of a closet or the seller used about a gallon of Armor-All cleaning it to like-new appearance. Either way, this is a must have! The Clavioline is a monophonic tube keyboard instrument that was created in the 50's as a way for piano players to 'solo'. The design was as such so that one would attached this instrument to the bottom of a piano keyboard with the keys part sticking out as an extra layer of keys to play. They came neatly house in the back of their own speaker cabinates.... so handy! I recently picked up a Solovox (Hammond's version) that came in a handmade hobo-box with girly pictures decorating the inside. Nice. These were widely used by folks such as Sun Ra, the Beatles, and perhaps most famously Del Shannon on "Runaway". So what are you waitng for? BUY IT NOW!!

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