Thursday, October 22, 2009

TIPLE OF THE DAY! 10-22-09

Ah, the tiple! Same size and shape as the baritone ukulele but with ten strings instead of four (although this guy has strung it with only four)... two sets of three and two sets of two. Look at this beauty with the mother of pearl and all the details! I became aware of this instrument when I saw my friend Ian's beautifully made solid body version he created at his Specimen Products. This one was also made in Chicago and actually not too far from Ian's shop. It was created by Regal Musical Instrument Company, makers of mostly resonator instrument parts for both Dobro and National in addition to their own line of fretted instruments. They were based in Chicago from 1908 lasting until somewhere into the '60's. The building on Grand Ave near Kedzie still sports a faded painted Regal logo on its side. BUY IT NOW!!!

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