Saturday, July 17, 2010


Beck does these things were he invites different bands and artists to come in to his studio and he collaborates with them to recreate or de-create some 'seminal' record for his free downloadable record club. I will state for the record I am not a Beck fan. My dislike for him has been tested many times over the years but dislike, as cement and arteries do, has set and strengthened with time. That said, he has had some pretty interesting ideas and collaborations for his record club. Not all but some. Well, this month he has Tortoise and they are riffing on some Yanni record. Now I'll let you guess which part about this equation I like the least... go ahead. I'll give you three guesses..... You won't guess it. Ok, ok... I'll tell you. ALL OF IT. The Yanni thing... come on. Beck and his sidemen scratching and rustling things into microphones... poop. Just let Tortoise be Tortoise! They are so freaking good at it! In my opinion, they get better at it and better at it. Yes, good for them for stepping out of their comfort zone and trying something like this... but a lot of the time, stepping out of their comfort zone IS their thing. I would just rather have watched Tortoise do their thing without Beck and his merry jokesters forcing them into some ill-fitting square hole. My two cents.

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