Friday, August 27, 2010


I've been a fan of Sam Prekop for over two decades now.... His band Shrimp Boat put out the the most fun and shambly tapes in the late 80's... one of the reasons my friends and I moved to Chicago. We couldn't get enough of Shrimp Boat... then they borrowed Archer Prewitt from our band to make the Sea And Cake... Sam has released two full length records under his own name, both with great bands helping him out and both sounding somewhat like a down tempo and jazzier versions of TSAC. This new record entitled "Old Punch Card" (Thrill Jockey) will be his third and takes a big left turn into dusty and foggy modular synth bleeps and bloops. He sites Raymond Scott's electronic work which is a good reference as would be the Ursula Bogner CD that came out a few years ago as well as early electronic pioneers like BBC Radiophonic Workshop and Oskar Sala.

Here a beautiful track from the record HERE.

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